It’s time to start …

thinking about next year’s vegetable garden.  I know it’s not even Christmas yet, but we start most of our vegetables from seed and the early crops need to be started by the end of January.  That makes this the perfect time to start laying things out and figuring out how many of each plant I need.  I also need to set up my indoor greenhouse space and solve some of the issues we had last year.

I used an online garden planning website last year, but I wasn’t happy with the last date of frost it used.  It was several weeks earlier than  what the local garden center uses and what the NOAA charts recommend so it threw all the time lines for planting off and winging it with a 5000 sq ft garden just doesn’t work.  So I’m going to be laying it out on my own this year and you folks will get a front-row seat.  Together we’ll see what works and doesn’t work.  Check back next week to see the first steps in getting my cole and onion beds laid out.

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