So much to my surprise, we had seedlings sprout already.  So Mr. J and I got the growing space set up today.  Before I show the pictures of the growing space, I must point out that the main part of our house was built in 1916 and our basement is more properly a cellar.  It … [Read more…]

Signs of spring

So we’ve had enough warm days for this to happen.. That’s right.  Mr J is plowing the garden!  This means that barring any serious snow in the next 10 days, my peas will get in on time for the first time in years.  It also means I need to order my buckwheat seeds soon so … [Read more…]

Starting some seeds

Today we planted seeds for two kinds of kale, two kinds of kohlrabi, swiss chard and broccoli.  We planted 72 cells of each type of seed because the seeds are leftover from a bulk pack purchased for the 2015 growing season.  I’m hoping for 20 to 30 decent looking seedlings of each type since that’s … [Read more…]

Weather and the garden

So here in Ohio we’ve had mostly unseasonably warm weather this winter and it’s really throwing off my garden planning.  I keep debating with myself if it’s worth trying a spring crop of cold weather vegetables if we are already having days in the sixties and it’s just the beginning of February.  It’s usually much … [Read more…]