Weather and the garden

So here in Ohio we’ve had mostly unseasonably warm weather this winter and it’s really throwing off my garden planning.  I keep debating with myself if it’s worth trying a spring crop of cold weather vegetables if we are already having days in the sixties and it’s just the beginning of February.  It’s usually much colder than that when I’m planting my broccoli in mid-March so my worry is that it will get too warm too fast and my Brassica (the genus for broccoli and it’s relatives) crops will bolt and be wasted.  The other early crops are also being debated.  Onions will handle warmer weather okay since they are mostly affected by the number of hours of sunlight in a day that they get, which is good since I can’t get onion sets earlier than mid-March anyway.  Peas, however, are even fussier about the heat than broccoli.  They should be getting planted almost exactly one month from now, but the debate this week is whether or not we should plant them now since we have the seeds.  The ground is mostly thawed and workable so it is possible to plant them, but the risk is it might get too cold in the next few weeks and we would lose anything that sprouts.  There is a chance of snow twice in the next week so it’s tough to decide.

The other thing that’s holding up getting our seeds started is deciding on new growing lights for the basement.  We have fluorescent fixtures down there now but they are mounted directly to the floor joists and the shaking caused by people waling on the first floor shakes the bulbs loose all the time.   I’ve looked and LED grow lights but I’m not not sure they will meet our needs and at a minimum of thirty dollars a fixture it could be a costly mistake.  I really want to try them, but I need to get Mr. J on board.

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