Starting some seeds

Today we planted seeds for two kinds of kale, two kinds of kohlrabi, swiss chard and broccoli.  We planted 72 cells of each type of seed because the seeds are leftover from a bulk pack purchased for the 2015 growing season.  I’m hoping for 20 to 30 decent looking seedlings of each type since that’s what I’ve planned for in the garden.  Mr J and I finally made a decision on what sort of lighting to purchase for our seed starting area in the basement.  We went a head and got  this cheap 4 tube fluorescent fixture from Lowe’s instead of the special LED grow light panels we’d been looking at online.  Mr J did a great deal of research on various professional greenhouse lighting websites and wasn’t convinced that the LED panels that we could afford had sufficient wattage for the growing space that we will be using.   He has some wiring to do to get our light set up but he’s promised me that it will be set up for next weekend, so hopefully I will be able to do a post with some pictures of our set up and (cross your fingers) tiny seedlings.

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