Signs of spring

So we’ve had enough warm days for this to happen..

Plowing the garden

Plowing the garden.

That’s right.  Mr J is plowing the garden!  This means that barring any serious snow in the next 10 days, my peas will get in on time for the first time in years.  It also means I need to order my buckwheat seeds soon so that I can cover crop everything that doesn’t plant until late spring.  Because this…

The whole garden

The whole garden

…is way too much to weed by hand.  This is the first year we’re trying planting a cover crop.  Last year we attempted to keep up with the weeding by hand and failed miserably.  In previous years, the garden was much smaller and we mulched with cardboard to keep the weeds down.  4800 square feet of cardboard is hard to get your hands on and even harder to store.

Please excuse the beat-up look of our tractor.  Twice in recent years an unfortunate field mouse has decided to nest in the air intake on the engine.  The first time we didn’t know it was in there for a while and the clogged air intake cause the engine to get too hot and fried the electrical system in the hood.  We dream of a bigger, better tractor but they are way expensive.  We would like to have a nice secure garage before making that kind of investment.


Wow, three posts in less than seven days!  How productive of me.

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