The kids

So it occurred to me the other day that I’ve forgotten to introduce my children; T, J, G, and P.  I’ve tried to write this post before but, if the kids and I have had a bad day, the descriptions of them tend to be, shall we say, less than flattering.  Today has been a pretty good day and it’s been a pretty good week at home, so lets give this a try.
Of course right after I started writing this post all hell broke loose and it’s taken me over a week to get back to it.

T is the oldest.  He’s a born skeptic and definitely a tough kid to get to crack a smile.  He’s your typical five and a half year old; sure he’s ready to take on the world, as long as his parents are right behind him.  He’s into Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies and any other app that his friends at school are into.  He’s also into playing soccer and being outdoors.  I know it wouldn’t be the choice of many parents but Mr. J and I purchased him his first recurve bow and some safety arrows last weekend.  He’s only allowed to use it with adult supervision and only to shoot at his target.  It and the arrows are stored where he can’t reach it.  We feel comfortable with our decision.

J is next.  She lives for drama and treats any perceived slight from her brothers like a major crime.  She’s also super eager to help, some times too eager.  She likes anything her big brother likes, but also things like having her nails done and wearing fun clothes.  She loves penguins and polar bears and has a fine collection of clothes and accessories featuring them.  She’s playing soccer for the first time this spring and I’m pretty sure that fun and funky socks will be a necessity to wear over her shin guards.

G is my younger son.  He’s the family comedian.  It seems like, even at just two and a half, at least half of what he says or does is playing for laughs.  He’s also nearly fearless and a great climber ( a truly terrifying combination) and a real water lover.  I swear that kid could find a puddle in the middle of the Sahara desert.  He’s my devoted apprentice chef in the kitchen and is always ready to bake, even when I don’t need an extra set of hands.  He’s also a budding horticulturist having acquired his first specimen last spring after falling in love with a potted ivy during Easter services.

P is the baby.  She’ll be one in just about a week.  She is definitely following in her sister’s footsteps when it comes to drama.  If everyone else is getting dessert or a treat and she feels she’s been forgotten, she goes off like an air-raid siren.  She is determined to do things only when she wants to; like standing, if P wants to stand, she can do it for 5-10 minutes no problem, if I want P to stand, it’s like she has retractable legs, the closer I get her to the ground the farther her feet get from the ground.  I don’t foresee her walking for several more months.

There you have it a short description of each child.  I promise to add pictures to this post at some point, but no one is being cooperative about having their picture taken right now.

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