Ms P

Ms P

Ms P turns one this weekend and it’s kind of a bittersweet birthday.  It marks the end of an era in this chaotic household.  The era of babies is over.  There are things I will miss and things that I am glad to be done with.

Things I will miss

  • the feeling of holding and cuddling a newborn baby
  • being pregnant
  • experiencing all the exciting firsts that happen during baby’s first year
  • wearing a tiny baby snuggled contentedly in a ring sling or wrap

Things I am glad to be done with

  • being pregnant
  • having to function at work after the baby has been up nursing all night
  • having to pump at work


You’ll note that pregnancy is on both lists.  Like most women, I had a love/hate relationship with being pregnant.  Morning sickness hit me hard, hard enough with the boys that medication was a necessity.  With G and P, I had sacro-iliac joint issues that made moving and staying still painful.  But still I will miss that amazing moment you feel that life growing inside you move for the first time.  And I will miss the excitement of labor and hearing the announcement of the sex of each child (we never found out during our anatomy scans with any of them).

I’m sure I will write another one of these posts in two years when we say farewell to toddlerdom for the last time.  And yet again when Ms P departs on that big yellow bus for the first time and the preschool era comes to a close.  Each of Ms P’s first’s will be bittersweet for me because they will be the last first of that kind for me and that is kind of sad.

I look forward to all the exciting things to come for our family, but I will always look back on this time period as a very special (and exhausting) time in my life.

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