This Morning’s Chaos

As I write this, T and J are unloading the dishwasher; a choice not a chore.  No one told them they had to, it was suggested and they were excited to do it.  Putting all the dishes away required a three step step-ladder which caused a great deal of jealousy in the younger two and created a great deal of chaos.  The scene looked something like this… T standing at the top of the ladder waiting for dishes; G trying out various wrenches he ‘borrowed’ from the tool box on the bolts of the ladder, trying to disassemble it; J taking dishes out of the dishwasher; P speed crawling back over to the ladder to try to climb it again, she hasn’t learned to walk yet but she’s becoming an expert climber.

The dishwasher is unloaded now, it cost me $0.50 ( a quarter a kid).  Now to move on to errands since Friday is errand day.  Today’s mission is to get the following:

  • a new dressy top for me
  • one pair of soccer cleats for T
  • one pair of shinguards for either T or J (not sure who will wear the pair we have)
  • 2 mouth guards
  • eggs for dinner (I miscounted at the grocery store last week)
  • milk
  • cereal
  • 25lbs of seed potatoes.

Wish us luck.

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