Farm Friday: Quick Update

So I’ve had a really tough time getting Farm Friday posts up.  It’s a combination of being extra busy and at the same time having nothing good to post.  It’s been kind of rainy this week so not much outside work got done.  Last week, Mr. J was kind of out of commission having pulled … [Read more…]

Night Weaning

So Miss P and I embarked on a project together this week, although she didn’t agree to it and she isn’t happy that we’re doing it,  we’re night weaning.  I know that many of you will remember my post from several weeks back about her turning one and wonder why she’s still nursing at night, … [Read more…]

Menu Monday: A New Menu

So I don’t have a new recipe for you today.  Last week was sort of a bye week between menus for us.  This means that we just winged it for the week.  We’re back on our plan this week with our Spring menu.  This is the first menu that I created and it’s due for … [Read more…]

Menu Monday: Calzones

  Mmm. Calzones have to be one of my favorite Italian dishes.  I hunted for a recipe for a while and we’ve used a few over the years that weren’t bad.  Some used frozen bread dough which is convenient, if you remember to thaw your dough 24 hours in advance.   For a while we … [Read more…]