Farm Friday: Quick Update

So I’ve had a really tough time getting Farm Friday posts up.  It’s a combination of being extra busy and at the same time having nothing good to post.  It’s been kind of rainy this week so not much outside work got done.  Last week, Mr. J was kind of out of commission having pulled or strained something in his back. “Doing what?”,you ask. Believe it or not putting P down on the ground, he must have twisted the wrong way or something.  The week before that we were taking down several large trees to make a sunny space for the strawberries, which would have made for an awesome post, but large trees are kind of an all hands on deck sort of operation so there wasn’t anyone to take pictures.

Speaking of those strawberry plants, it turns out you need a LOT of space for a hundred June-Bearing strawberry plants.  How much space?  Roughly 1000 sqft, hence needing to take down some trees on the far side of the yard to get a nice sunny space.   That space now needs to be tilled before the plants can be put in, and Mr. J informed me today that he’s arranged for a chipper for the weekend to deal with the brush from the trees.  I guess I know how I’m spending my Sunday.

I’m also looking for strawberry jam recipes if anyone has a favorite, in anticipation of next year’s harvest.  The internet informs me that I can expect roughly a quart of berries per plant, so I want to try out jam recipes this year so I can figure out what works best before I’m buried under berries.

Hopefully next week, I should be able to post my first harvest post of the year.  The green onions are about ready and my kale plants have enough leaves to start harvesting some for salad greens.  I also hope to have lots of nice pictures for you then.

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