Summer means…

…being too busy to keep up with everything without a schedule.  I’ve definitely let things slip since the weather got warm.  I’ve been so busy outside working in the yard or playing with the kids that far too many things (including posting here) haven’t gotten done.  In an effort to get more done each day, I made myself a schedule for the time after I leave work until I go to bed.  Then to make sure that I stick to my schedule I set an alarm for each time block on my list.  I never thought that I would be one of those people with a dozen different alarms that go off through out the day but it certainly makes it easier to get everything done in the day.  Having a schedule of what gets done when each day makes my day less stressful and having the alarms as a reminder means that I don’t have to try to remember what comes next and when.  That said, I don’t plan on being so rigid that I never skip an alarm or turn one off all together for a time. It’s nice to have a schedule, but it should never get in the way of family time and having fun.  Do you keep a schedule of alarms in your phone?  Does it help you get more done?

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