Farm Friday: Busy Busy

So I don’t have any pictures for you today, everything looks pretty much the same as last week.   Sadly, the peas are pretty much done barely two weeks after the first pod appeared.  The weather just wasn’t pea friendly this year.  It went from too hot to too cold and back to too hot while they were supposed to be getting in most of their growing.  It’s also been really dry and even with frequent watering they aren’t dealing well.  The vines only got about 3 and a half feet tall instead of the usual 6 feet and now most of them are brown and dry.  I have a few more pods to pick from them so I’ll guess that we’ll get about a pound of peas from one thirty foot row.

The broccoli is also likely a bust since it got hot so fast.  They’ve grown quite well but they are just starting to head and the early buds are very loose not the tight bunch you want so it will form a nice head.  They will quite likely just get tall and spindly and bloom instead.  The kale and kohlrabi seem to be handling the heat quite well and we are actually getting more kale than we can eat raw right now.  We’re going to try sauteing some and adding it to tonight’s quiche.

Last weekend, we purchased an Earthways Precision Seeder (watch for a  review to be posted a little later) and that has helped us get our entire bed of soybeans planted and all the carrot rows as well.  We’ll finish planting the squash and cucumbers in their hills later today and hopefully get the bean seeds in tomorrow sometime.

I have high hopes for the rest of the garden but it’s looking like it’s going to be a very dry summer here in Ohio so our sprinkler will be quite busy since it takes around 12 hours to water the garden, 3 hours in each of 4 locations.  That time frame puts down about a half an inch of water in each quadrant.  We water two to three nights in a dry week depending on the number of quadrants we actually get watered in a night.

Cross your fingers for rain and watch for kale recipes to start popping up on Menu Mondays.

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