Farm Friday: So many weeds…

So there aren’t any pictures again this week because who needs to see a garden being eaten by weeds.  We’ve tried a couple of new things to control weeds and while all of them reduced the weeds, none of them were a good, long-term solution to the aggressive weeds that seem to thrive in our yard and garden.  Over the years we’ve purchased a variety of commercial weeders that seem to do very little against the weeds.  Mr. J cobbled together a sort of stirrup-style weed hoe that initially seemed to be the answer.  It did a good job destroying the weeds just below ground level so they didn’t come back very quickly.  However, the weeds proved to be too sturdy for the blade in the long run and after destroying two blades we retired it.  Mr J has string trimmed between many of the rows and we are looking at getting a dozen or so bales of straw to mulch everything.  This is probably our last attempt at weed control for this season,  hopefully it works.  At least the straw will be pretty cheap since we will likely buy it directly from a local farmer, there are plenty on craiglist offering fresh wheat and rye straw for sale since they are just starting to harvest both.

In other news, we pulled up the peas since the recent hot, dry weather had pretty much killed the vines.  This year’s harvest was beyond disappointing.  We got less than a pound from a 30 foot row and the second picking was pretty much a waste because they were bitter and starchy.   Still better than our broccoli harvest which will be non-existent.  As I had feared, the broccoli is bolting, producing heads the size of single florets.  I purchased new broccoli and pea seeds today to try for a fall crop of both, cross your finger that both work better then.

The onions are showing signs that they will be ready to harvest in the next month or so.  The bulbs that I can see above ground are probably almost 2 inches in diameter, so hopefully the harvest there will be decent.

Off to go message some farmers on craigslist about straw.

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