The Joy of Packing for a Family Vacation (part two)

So, we’re still working on getting all our packing preparations squared away.  I’ve decided that it will be easier all around to pack the clothes in clear Sterilite storage totes like these 16qt ones from Target

They will be a good size for the kids clothes and they current have them in stores for $4.99 for a two pack.  They will stack nicely in the back of our minivan and we can use them for storage when we get back home.  Mr. J and I are going to share one of the next size larger totes, the 56qt ones.

Then, I sorted through the clothes to find ‘vacation-worthy’ ones and of course only one person actually had enough good clothes to pack, T.  The other three kids had plenty of shirts but fell short on pairs of shorts that fit.  Mr. J wears uniforms to work Monday through Friday so he has a minimal number of non-work shirts.  And of course, I’ve changes sizes so much over the last several years that I own little that fits beyond my work clothes (I’m not one of those people who keeps things hanging in the closet in hopes they will fit again in a few years).  Fortunately, most stores are having good sales on shorts right now since the fall clothes are coming in already.  We hit up Carter’s for the kids shorts because they fit my skinny kids the best and then I got some good deals on shorts and shirts at Old Navy.

Other decisions have been made as well.  P is most likely going to share J’s bed on vacation.  We’ve picked out most of the toys that will be traveling with us:

  • a small tote of Duplo blocks.
  • our tote of Lego blocks.
  • some small cars.
  • at least one small, soft baby doll

We still need a few more toys for P and J and of course both of our tablets will come with us.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to be able to blog while on vacation.  I’ve looked at a couple of options for getting pictures from my camera to my tablet so I can post them but haven’t really settled on anything in particular.

As far as car activities go, we’re definitely bringing paper, crayons and stickers since those are some of our favorites.  I might hunt up some travel bingo games and maybe a few other simple games if I can find some on Pinterest.

I’ve decided to pick up some big boxes of individually portioned snacks at Costco but haven’t decided on any other groceries yet, but I still have time to make my final pre-trip Costco run since it’s right by my work.

I’ll probably have one or two more posts about the packing progress next week, and hopefully be able to include pictures of the fully packed car in the final one.


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