The Joy of Packing for a Family Vacation (Part Three)

So we leave for vacation early tomorrow morning, most of today is being spent on last minute packing and house preparations.  I mentioned in a previous post that we were packing the kids clothes in clear plastic totes, as you can see from the picture below each kid decorated the front of their tote with their name and some foam stickers.


It takes careful folding and packing to fit it all in a 16 qt tote, so here’s how I did it.  For the littles I folded all their clothes like the picture below, but for the bigs I just did the PJ’s in sets because they can handle matching things up on their own.  So I roll everything because it’s easier to see what’s what and the kids won’t tear the box apart the first night looking for things (hopefully).



Four sets of PJ’s because they’ll start the drive wearing one tomorrow morning.



This is a fully packed box containing:

  • 4 sets of PJ’s
  • 5 pair of underwear
  • bathing suit and rash guard
  • 5 pair of socks
  • 5 T-shirts
  • 4 pair of shorts.

Besides clothes, we have quite a few other things to bring which is where the challenge of loading the car begins.  I spent some time this morning playing cargo tetris to figure out how everything is going into the cargo area.  The cooler is still empty, I just wanted to make certain that I allotted space for it so I didn’t have to completely reload the car in the morning.  Come morning, the cooler will be filled with 6lbs of hamburgers, 4.5lbs of hot dogs and at least 6lbs of chicken breast; all frozen solid so they should be good for the drive to Tennessee.  The rest of the pre-purchased groceries are riding in the “Stow N’Go” space in the floor in front of the second row.  We purchased muffins, danishes, rolls, granola bars, Pop-Tarts, fruit snacks, fruit cups, individually packaged chips and cookies.  We’ll still have to grocery shop some time Monday but no one will have to rush out and buy food as soon as we get to the house.  We also packed some indoor and outdoor games to keep the kids busy when we aren’t doing touristy stuff.


Tomorrow we’ll grab:

  • the box of toiletries
  • the camera
  • all the tablets
  • all the chargers
  • the kids ‘car bags’ (some treats, drinks, crayons, paper)

and be on our way.

I hope to post from vacation, however, I won’t be posting pictures until we get back.  All of the options for getting pictures onto my tablet weren’t viable ones for us.

Vacation here we come!

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