Never Thought I’d Be a Soccer Mom…

Never Thought I'd Be a Soccer Mom #soccermom

..And yet here I am.  T and J are both in fall soccer.  Mr. J is actually coaching T’s team.  Being a soccer mom when we had just one in soccer wasn’t bad.  Back when T was in Pre-K soccer all we had to worry about was the practice/game once a week.  Now J is in Pre-K soccer and T is in First Grade soccer and things are much more complicated.  Today, for example, is picture day for the whole program and also game day.  Of course, J’s picture time falls right at the start of T’s game.  This is going to involve some serious co-ordination on the part of all us grown ups.  The rain overnight has thrown our initial plan out the window.  We were going to have to take the small ones to the playground but now it’s too wet, so two less people to get where they need to be.  This makes things easier.  Mr J will take T to pictures and then to the game and I just have to get J to pictures.

On the whole being a soccer mom isn’t a good fit for me.  I have very little in common with the other moms in our area.  They fit into one of two categories : Stay At Home Mom or Career Mom.  I’m a working mom, but not a career mom.  I like my job but it’s not a career.  I’m also not one of those moms who’s super competitive.  I know my kids aren’t the best players on the field, I want them to have fun and experience being part of a team.  I like that we don’t keep score and focus on the fun part of the game.  Some parents are much more focused on future soccer successes than I will ever be.  All of the parents are respectful of the kids, they just have a much different take on soccer than we do.

I may make a less than ideal soccer mom, but it isn’t affecting the fun my kids are having at soccer.  So I will keep feeling awkward on the sidelines as long as they’re having fun on the field.  I can always hope that my social skills will improve as time goes on.

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