Mission: Kitchen Organization

So I mentioned in my New Year’s post that I would be participating in A Bowl Full of Lemon’s 2017 Organization Challenge.  The first challenge was kitchen organization.  I really thought going into it that I could get the whole kitchen organized in one Saturday.  It actually took the whole week plus a little bit to get it done.

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

before picture 1

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

before picture 2

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

before picture 3

As you can see from my before pictures, my kitchen was chaotic and messy.  You can also quite clearly tell that a redecorating project was started but never finished.  I made great strides in kitchen organization this week, but not much in redecorating, but I’ve formulated a plan for that.

I could not follow the challenge directions exactly as I have no kitchen table, since there is not space for this to be an eat-in kitchen.  I also didn’t organize the refrigerator since it’s on the short list for replacement and has temperature control issues (it freezes things frequently, including a whole gallon of milk) so I didn’t think it would fair well being open for long enough to clean it out and organize it.

I did focus on creating zones like she suggests.   Hopefully, this makes for the most functional kitchen organization plan.  I focused on turning the area you see in the first picture into my food prep zone since it is my only open counter space.

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

Prep zone picture 1

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

Prep Zone picture 2

As you can see this area now holds most everything need to prepare a meal.  The canisters went away since the latches had gone and we weren’t really using them.  Also gone is the counter top spice rack Mr J brought into the marriage since those spices were rarely used and getting old.  I also took all the cookbooks out of the kitchen, since we primarily use just the black binder shown on the cookbook stand.  It contains the recipes for our monthly menus.  The new cup hooks to hang the measuring cups and spoons and cooking utensils really keep everything right where I need it for cooking.  You can see in the first prep zone picture that I painted that cabinet a darker color.  You can also see where the paint isn’t taking well.  This is the reason that we halted the redecorating process.  We need to get a heavy-duty bonding primer to get the paint to stick apparently and there wasn’t time for that this week.  Watch for a future post on the redecorated kitchen.

Mission: Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

The dish cabinet all cleaned out

You’ll notice that most of the dishes have moved out of the dish cabinet.  We moved most of the daily use dishes out to a shelf in the dining room where the kids can reach them to set the table.

Mission Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

The organized pan cabinet

I could theoretically give away many of these Pyrex baking dishes, except there are days when I need two or three that are the same size.  I opted to store things in order of frequency of use from right to left since it’s a real pain to get into the left side of that cabinet.

Mission:Kitchen Organization #abfolchallenge

A cleaned off refrigerator

The front of the fridge is now clean of it’s accumulated paper and we’ve settled on one piece of artwork per kid on the front and none on the side.  Some papers are residing under clips on the side still since there’s no wall space for a bulletin board in here.

You might have noticed that I missed one corner of the kitchen.  The cabinets in that corner don’t really need organization.  All the fancy glassware in the upper one needs washing and then it will likely be donated.   The lower cabinet contains infrequently used, but necessary bake ware, and a multitude of empty canning jars and rings waiting for summer to come around again.  The last stuff in that corner is a dehydrator waiting on a part, a counter top oven and a portable dishwasher.  The dishwasher is awaiting the determination of a proper disposal method.  Once that happens a new rolling prep cart is going to go in there, since portable dishwashers aren’t really made to handle the dishes for a family of seven and we have no place to put in a built in.

This weeks mission is pantry organization, wish me luck.  Let me know in the comments what you think of my attempt at kitchen organization.

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