Mission: Pantry Organization

So this weeks mission in A Bowl Full of Lemons organization challenge is the pantry.  Pantry organization is a tricky thing for me.  I don’t have a proper pantry so I’m never quite sure how best to tackle it.  I actually have three smaller pantry spaces so organization is key or unnecessary groceries get purchased.

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

kitchen pantry shelves before

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

Hey, how’d that get in there!

So at first glance, you’ll notice that this area was also a victim of a half done project.  You also notice that I made an attempt to organize in the past but our needs changed and that system wasn’t working for us any more.  So we cleaned everything out and consolidated some containers of things.  Mr. J took that door off and I removed the old phone jack since we don’t have a landline.  Then it was time to put things back with an eye toward keeping everything easy to find, but snacks up out of reach of small fingers.

I decided that the key to pantry organization was labeling everything so that everyone knows where everything goes.  Mr J thinks all my labels are silly, but we shall see.

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

The upper shelves all organized and labeled.

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

The lower shelves all organized.

As a big family, we buy some things in bulk so the big bin on the bottom usually holds 25 lbs of flour.  I also repurposed the large plastic jar from some snack from Costco to hold most of a 10 lb box of old fashioned oats.  We are between Costco runs so I needed to leave space for some other bulk items.  The only problem I’m having is the labels don’t want to stay stuck to the old paint but repainting is in the future.

The other two pantry cabinets are in the dining room.  The biggest problem with them is the kids often help put the groceries away and just stick things where they fit.

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

I decided that more shelves in these cabinets would help with the organization, so we purchased a long shelf from Lowe’s and cut it down to make one more shelf for each cabinet.  Mr J. actually handled the pantry organization for these two cabinets, so there are no labels.  I think he did a good job, check out the after pictures and decide for yourselves.

Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge Mission: Pantry Organization #abfolchallenge

The new shelves are a slightly different color since they came from a different maker.  They’re inside a cabinet though, so no big deal.  I like having the cans lower and the cereal higher.

So that’s my organized pantries, on to the dining room next week.

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  1. Sister 3

    Benefits of cans being lower is also that they can not easily be opened by small hands so no cereal spilled all over the floor. Plus they are great fun to stack like blocks if some one is bored during dinner making time and they want to help you but you really don’t want their “help.”

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