Mission: Dining Room Organization

So the third mission from A Bowl Full of Lemons challenge is dining room organization.  This was supposed to be an easy challenge; probably because of the assumption that most people have an eat-in kitchen, so the dining room is an occasional use room.  Our dining room is our only dining space so it gets used for every meal.  Added to that is the fact that it is a dual use room.  My sewing machine and most of the craft supplies reside on one side of the room.  That is where the major organizational challenge lies and what took so long to finish.

Mission: Dining Room Organization #abfolchallenge

This before picture does a decent job of showing just how badly that section needs to be dealt with and you can’t see the big blue storage bucket of fabric that’s between the table and the mess.  Obviously, this isn’t covered by anyone’s dining room organization checklist.  I had to wing it, which took a long time.

Mr J. and I agreed that I could buy some new storage drawers for the sewing space.  I bought these two from Target because they kind of go with the dining room furniture.  Then, I had to go through everything in the old drawers and and that big bin because I wanted it all to fit in the drawers.  The bigger set of drawers is now completely filled with fabric, I know what most of it will be when I have the time.  The smaller one has sewing feet and attachments in one drawer, patterns in one drawer and elastic in the last drawer.

Some stuff from that massive mess found its way into bins on the shelves above the sewing machine.  Mr. J put them up last year, but the arrangement of the brackets bothered him and limited what fit on the shelves.  When I said I was organizing the dining room, he rearranged the brackets and freed up more space for bins.

Mission: Dining Room Organization #abfolchallenge

A big difference

After I finished sorting through the fabric and moving it out of the big blue bin, I could use the bin for something else.  It replaced the two small bins we use to store recyclables until they go to the recyclables dumpsters.  It has a lid so it stays much tidier than the old bins.

Mission: Dining Room Organization #abfolchallenge

Old bins of recyclables

Mission: Dining Room Organization #abfolchallenge

New bin of recyclables

There are still some things floating around in need of permanent relocation, but all in all it’s a much more organized space.  It looks better and is much more functional.

One last thing, you may remember that most of the dishes moved out of the kitchen during that round of organization.   This is where they moved too.

Mission: Dining Room Organization #abfolchallenge

A book shelf that serves as our sideboard.

Having our everyday dishes and silverware where the children can reach them to set the table makes it much easier for everyone.  If you’re wondering about the utensil caddy, it’s actually this divided pencil cup from Target.  The large plates stayed in the kitchen because we mostly use those as serving ware.

So what do you think of my reorganized space?  Up next, the launchpad.


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