Never Thought I’d Be a Soccer Mom…

Never Thought I'd Be a Soccer Mom #soccermom

..And yet here I am.  T and J are both in fall soccer.  Mr. J is actually coaching T’s team.  Being a soccer mom when we had just one in soccer wasn’t bad.  Back when T was in Pre-K soccer all we had to worry about was the practice/game once a week.  Now J is … [Read more…]

Night Weaning

So Miss P and I embarked on a project together this week, although she didn’t agree to it and she isn’t happy that we’re doing it,  we’re night weaning.  I know that many of you will remember my post from several weeks back about her turning one and wonder why she’s still nursing at night, … [Read more…]

This Morning’s Chaos

As I write this, T and J are unloading the dishwasher; a choice not a chore.  No one told them they had to, it was suggested and they were excited to do it.  Putting all the dishes away required a three step step-ladder which caused a great deal of jealousy in the younger two and … [Read more…]


Ms P turns one this weekend and it’s kind of a bittersweet birthday.  It marks the end of an era in this chaotic household.  The era of babies is over.  There are things I will miss and things that I am glad to be done with. Things I will miss the feeling of holding and … [Read more…]